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In-Person Video Legacy

In-Person Video Legacy

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For an in-person interview, we send our producer, interviewer, and additional equipment to your location.

How It Works:

1. Prepare

First, we develop a custom interview plan by pre-interviewing the subject(s) and family. This process keeps us from missing important details.

2. Interview

Next, we’ll record the interview remotely or in person, depending on your budget and location. We have decades of experience and ensure a comfortable experience.

3. Edit

As we edit the film we’ll share progress and provide opportunities for you to give us feedback. After 8-10 weeks the film will be ready to watch!

Full Interview

We complete a simple edit of the full interview, removing breaks and interviewer questions so you have a complete record.

Legacy Film

We edit the full interview into a 20-30 minute documentary that tells a complete story. We include music, photography and home video to create an immersive experience.

Secondary Backup

While we provide you with all files on flash storage, we also back these files up physically in two separate, secure locations. You can rest assured your priceless memories are safe.

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