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What's Included?


Give the Gift of a Lifetime

Give your mom an unforgettable experience 
by signing her up to create a cherished film of her legacy.


The process is simple.


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Mom goes through
Parable's Process

Is this right for my mom?

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What's included?

Capturing your mother's story in a Legacy Film means…

Your mom goes through Parable's Process and…

  • Is given access to our custom framework, The Legacy Roadmap.

  • Receives 1-on-1 coaching to tell her life story effectively.

  • Shares reflections on her life, family, and legacy in a personalized remote interview.

  • Is given digital copies of her interview, broken up into bite-sized chapters

Other outcomes our customers have described, including…

  • Peace of mind knowing that your mom's legacy is preserved forever.

  • Pride that you did your part in honoring your mom's legacy.

  • Personal & powerful heirlooms to pass on to your children, grandchildren, and beyond

  • An intimate connection with your mom that you didn't have before.


Mother's Day Special: only $1,500!

Legacy Videos are gifts that impact generations.

Watch the video to see the impact Parable's project had on Kim's life.


  • Honor her life

    One of the greatest gifts you can give your mom is for her to know that she is valued, loved, and that her life story matters to you and your family.

  • Learn her lessons

    Her life is full of ups & downs, twists & turns, and mistakes & successes of all kinds. Capture the timeless lessons she learned to preserve her wisdom for generations.

  • Uncover her history

    Every life story is full of surprises. Find the hidden gems and little-known stories that make your mom's life truly remarkable.

Is this the right gift for me to give?

Schedule a no-commitment 15-minute call to discuss your project!

What's a Legacy Film?

A Legacy Film is a recorded video interview of your mom telling her life story, including…



Heritage & Family of Origin.

Who were her parents & grandparents, and where did they come from? What values defined their life?

Lessons Learned.

Looking back on their life, what wisdom have she gained? What are the most important lessons she learned?

Milestones & Key Moments.

What are the main moments of her life? What were her highest highs, and lowest lows? What were significant days of her career, the military, her marriage, and more?


How does she make decisions, and what determines her choices? What matters most to her? How does her faith guide affect their daily life?

Anecdotes & Stories.

What are some of her favorite stories to tell? Their first date, silliest mistake, and biggest risk taken? What day would she want to relive if given a chance? What parenting stories always bring her joy?

Family Wishes & Admonition.

What does she desire for her children, grandchildren, and future generations? What does she want them to hold firm to?

  • I cherish that we did this project with Parable before my mother got sick and passed away. Now I can show these precious interviews to my grandbabies when they grow up!

    Kimberly D.

    Verified Reviewer

  • WOW! WOW! WOW! This video is such a gift to my family!! What a labor of love you've done for us!

    Julie L.

    Verified Reviewer

  • Mom never talks for more than 5 minutes, but she told stories I'd never heard before in my life… and she even cried while sharing them!

    Joseph H.

    Verified Reviewer

Give your mom a gift that's truly priceless.

Schedule a call so you can tell us all about your mother. We would love nothing more than to hear about her story and how you want to honor her legacy.


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Parable captures and preserves your parent’s legacy in a Legacy Video—a gift that lasts for generations.

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