how it works

  • 1. Prepare

    First, we develop a custom interview plan by pre-interviewing the subject(s) and family. This process keep us from missing important details.

  • 2. Interview

    Next, we’ll record the interview remotely or in person, depending on your budget and location. We have decades of experience and ensure a comfortable experience.

  • 3. Edit

    As we edit the film we’ll share progress and provide opportunities for you to give us feedback. After 8-10 weeks the film will be ready to watch!

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Do you interview one person or can a couple or family participate?

We are happy to interview couples and include other family members. The interview and documentary length is the same in either situation. We work closely with you to ensure everyone who needs to be involved can be.

Do you offer a virtual or remote interview option?

We are currently testing a virtual interview option, but need more time to perfect the process. If you’re interested in helping us test this offering, please connect with us.

What if my parent has dementia?

We work with clients who have varying levels of mental acuity and can customize projects accordingly. Often, family members sit with interviewees to help them tell their story.

How long does a project take from start to finish?

Generally projects last 8-10 weeks, assuming travel dates are available and client content (photos and videos) are received by our team on time.

How long are the interviews?

Most interviews last 3 hours with regular breaks. For each project we customize our approach, adapting to the needs of the subject. In some instances we will break the interview into two parts.